2017’s Top 5 Performing Alt Coins

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2017 has been a stellar year for Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise coincided with a massive amount of investor interest and new technologies springing up that made Cryptocurrencies more usable and more accessible. Out of all this fervor which Alt Coins are performing the best in 2017?


Ethereum remains one of the top performing by market capital volume non-Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies on the market right now. Ethereum’s platform is being used for the creation of several new Cryptocurrencies which can range from anything from digital shares, to membership cards. It’s also being used for crowdfunding and kick starter campaigns and can fundamentally change how people invest. While the price of Ethereum hasn’t escalated to anywhere near the value of Bitcoin, the Ethereum platform may have done more for the Cryptocurrency’s rise than Bitcoin itself.

Dash Coin

As the name implies, Dash Coin is digital cash. The Dash Coin platform allows you to seamlessly make online payments and marketplace transactions, which has helped legitimize cryptocurrencies in the world of big time investment.

Lite Coin

Lite Coin is based on the Bitcoin API which means that it can handle Bitcoin transactions seamlessly. Furthermore, it has a lighter API which means it can process transactions faster. It was also the first coin to confirm lightening network transactions.

Stellar Lumens

Stellar Lumens may not wow you with their value (11 cents USD), but the platform has been backed by IBM and KlickEx to power the future of cross-boarder payments. The idea is to reduce transaction costs and transaction speeds.

All of these Altcoins have seen spectacular growth so far this year and will most likely just continue to excel into the last quarter.

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