5 Tips for Successful Part-Time Cryptocurrency Trading

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5 Tips for Successful Part-Time Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading in Cryptocurrency is a new trend trending at a phenomenal rate. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency is motivating people to become a part of this cult. Every person who is aware of the potential of cryptocurrencies wishes to trade in it. Trading Cryptocurrency is a business full of dedicated labour and fluctuating results. This unstable nature of it prevents a lot of trading aspirants to withdraw the idea.

Part-Time Cryptocurrency Trading

Since the crypto-market is digitally available, it can be accessed anytime from anywhere. This very aspect of 24/7 availability leaves an open door to people who already have full-time jobs. It makes an ideal opportunity for those who wish to become part-time traders or just wish to make some easy buck using blockchain prediction who may or may not have 9-5 jobs.

Work-from-home sounds like a less tedious job but the reality is contradictory when it comes to Crypto Trading. Talking about part-time trading, it’s even more difficult. It requires the right strategy and timely execution. It is a challenging task but the right amount of hard work and dedication can provide you with a reliable source of income. Given below are some tricks that will help you become a successful part-time trader in the vast space of Cryptocurrency:

  1. Use Mobile Platforms to Trade on Exchanges

It is mandatory to be tech-savvy in all aspects when you have a business that breathes on the Internet. The benefit of the 24/7 platform will be fruitful only when it is optimally utilized. Using the online mobile platforms help to know one’s market position in a moment. You don’t get to choose the mobile platforms; you have to use the platforms that your Cryptocurrency provides. That is why the option for the best cryptocurrency exchanges with efficient mobile platforms. Make sure you go for a great mobile app that has great execution speed so that you can smoothly enter and exit positions. Choosing a good Cryptocurrency exchange in the first place will help to avoid complication your part-time cryptocurrency trading career.

  1. Deliberate on Technical Analysis on Weekends

Technical analysis is the major work that requires a lot of deliberation and time. It cannot be done when you come back home from a tiring day. A wrong analysis can turn your plans towards the wrong path. This crucial task needs to be done with a free and a fresh mind. That is why it is necessary to spare your weekends for this significant bit of work. Study necessary cryptocurrency charts and build your watchlist. This is a futuristic approach which will help you attain control over every task. You can be stress-free at your workplace, and become more productive.

This analysing and planning session will reduce the possibilities of failure which comes with the hit and trial method. When you take calculated steps rather than mindless vague actions, the success potential automatically magnifies.

  1. Set Alerts at Key Price Levels

Functioning in a 24/7 market is difficult as it is almost impossible to notice every move. Any significant change might get unnoticed. However, you can eliminate the possibilities of catching a breakout. Like we mentioned in the previous point, you have to do your planning diligently and set price alerts on the cryptos of your watchlist. With alerts on time, you can reduce the time of sticking into the screen. There will be no fear of missing the breakout. Keep your price alerts on before an important change is announced. If you have plans to buy technical breakout, this feature will let you get to the platform in no time.


  1. Appropriate Size

If there is a need to check on your investments every 10 minutes, it means you are oversizing your trade. Sizing appropriately can do wonders to your trade whereas oversizing positions make the trade stressful. Oversizing makes you lose your focus from the market and centre on PNL. Being a part-timer means you cannot keep a record of trades every minute. The smart and simple way is to trade in a size that lets you balance between both the jobs. The size of your account and the risk must be calculated thoroughly. Never risk a huge part of your wealth in a single trade.


  1. Be In Tough With Other Traders

Analyzing markets is just not enough. You must be acquainted with the traders around you. It’s not a great idea to be a lone wolf in this industry. It is so dynamic that your experiences can never be enough to formulate the right way. Trading buddies can be a huge asset. Even though you make proper plans, do every bit of the necessary, you may still overlook any important thing. Having traders as friends can help you fill the loopholes in your trading. And let’s not forget, no matter how many apps and machines we rely on, human assistance is irreplaceable!


These tips, if implemented properly, can help you in the long run. The load of a full-time job is kept in mind while writing these; they’ll help you utilize your routine. The results will not be instant but you will surely witness a gradual growth in your trading performance.


Author: Davey Crosshttps://www.linkedin.com/in/dawid-krzy%C5%BCa%C5%84ski-b40936149/

David is currently studying electronic commerce at the University of Gdansk. He loves writing about IT, Cryptocurrencies, Economics and Finances.

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