AirBit Club Creating The Largest Crypto Community In The World

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AirBit Club is working on the creation of a “transparent” block platform.

On October 22nd, a great event was held in Panama City, in honor of the third anniversary of the largest cryptographic community in the world; There were 2,300 people from more than 20 countries: China, South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Russia, the Philippines and many more.

Over the past three years, the Club has been promoting the crypto-industry, distributed registry technology and crypto-currency itself, combining progressive pioneers. The time has come, and the Club is ready, not only for the development of the industry in general, but for the development of its mass payment processing technology, data hashing, information gathering API and reports for companies that They want to create a transparent and reliable ecosystem for transactions, as well as simplify their accounting for payments.

According to Guillermo Polo, specialist of blockchain: “AirBit Club, as the largest international community of cryptocurrency and blockchain users, it´s working to build a technological platform that uses a single blockchain-based protocol to decentralize and open transaction data in your network.”

Attorney Scott D. Hughes, Lawyer, commented about his participation in the event:

“Currently, AirBit Club brings together more than 4 million members, and the planned platform is designed to ensure qualitative growth of union up to 6 million members by the end of 2019. The Priority areas of activity for AirBit Club are business development through the use of Blockchain technology, the realization of digital literacy programs and the training of skills in the field of economics, digital currency, Blockchain technology, distributed registration technology and its relationship with the global financial markets of community members, along with the professional participants of the cryptocurrency market

I am pleased to witness this digital evolution event and observe the beginning of the technological revolution in the Crypto industry “.

Rember that in December 2017 AirBit Club, in cooperation with Robert Kiyosaki and his team, held an international financial seminar and educational seminar in Mexico, in the city of Puebla, which entered the Guinness Book of World Records and also set the beginning of the following Club developments in different languages, in the field of educational programs, both for private Club participants and for a public audience.

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    I was in this event!
    Big event! 3 years of AirBitClub!
    Our team in Russia pro100business 💪🏽
    Now we start great company!!!

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    AirBitClub maravilloso, te recomiendo esta nueva dirección.

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    Amazing event!!!i a.m. was at this moment!!! Russia team of airbitclub #pro100business

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    The best club! The best team! The best event! Thanks

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    amazing ivent Airbitclub Consensus 3.0

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    Amazing club! The biggest in the world about crypto currency 💴

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    It is an excellent international instrument for the elimination of financial illiteracy

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    That an amazing ub that I’ve ever met in my life! So much experience, learning, educating skills and financial goal are achieved here. The most important thing is that this is affordable for everyone

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    It was really great event!!!!!