Buying Supercars With Bitcoin

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In October 2017, entrepreneur Peter Saddington bought a Lamborghini with Bitcoin. He initially made an investment in 2011 when the Bitcoin price was $2.52, and again in 2014. He says the Lamborghini cost about £115 worth of investment. Capital gains did the rest.

The Lamborghini dealership accepted Bitcoin as payment, so Saddington didn’t even need to convert his investment back into dollars. Stories like this paint a picture of cryptocurrency investment can change lives.

Below are three other supercars, how much they’d cost in Bitcoin and how much you’d need to have invested in 2011, when Saddington first got into the market, in order to afford the car. A single Bitcoin was trading for $8480.95 at the time of writing.

LAFERRARI ($1,420,112)

The LaFerrari is arguably the most glamorous of this famous Italian supercar brand. It’ll set you back $1,420,112 in American dollars.

But you’d only need 167.45 Bitcoins to buy it at today’s price, meaning you’d only need to have invested $376.76 in the cryptocurrency back in 2011.

PORSCHE 918 ($847,975)

Imagine how slick you’d look driving down a winding country road in the Porsche 918. It’s more affordable than a LaFerrati at just $847, 975, or 99.99 Bitcoins.

Back when Peter Saddington first invested, that would have only cost $252 dollars.

MCCLAREN 720S ($288,845)

One of the most affordable supercars out there, but still undeniably slick, the McClaren 720S can be bought for $288,845. That’s 34.06 Bitcoins, which would have cost Peter Saddington a measly $85.83.

So should you buy a supercar with Bitcoin?

Saddington admitted it be a costly mistake to buy a Lamborghini with his new-found digital riches, as there is still potential for the value of this cryptocurrency to rise even higher. When asked by journalists whether this possibility bothered him, Saddington remarked that sometimes in life you need to treat yourself. If you fancy investing in Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can do with ease using the START INVESTING option at

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