Launches Worlds First Cryptocurrency 100 Index

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Today the Coin Connecter Group Inc. and officially launched the worlds first Cryptocurreny 100 Index based off the top 100 blue chip coins. The Index is calculated by a sum off the 100 largest Market capitalization coins in the Cryptocurrency sector. This Index was developed to provide an indicator for the health of the Cryptocurrency market’s most viable and invest able positioned coins. The team feel the top 100 market capital positioned coins are, and will be even more so in the future, the Blue chip coins.

The development team behind the C.C. 100 Index decided to base the Cryptocurrency market on the top 100 largest market capitalization positioned coins. At any time that these top 100 coins may fluctuate and re position, the Index updates this status and reflects the current health of these most traded market positions. When the team first began to develop the Index and was deciding on how to base the value and divisor, the total market capital was just over 100 billion. The team foresaw that the market was sure to increase at a tremendous rate, which would be a reason for it to have such a large divisor. With a a large divisor equation even after the market has risen by another 180 billion at this time of writing this artical, the C.C.100 Index reflects a low and very comprehensible number. The future perception for this index was that by the later part of 2018 the Cryptocurrency total market capitalization would most likely be near 1 trillion dollars. If this estimation was true then by the time the market capital reached this level, a global recognition and adoption of Cryptocurrencies would be apparent. Therefore the Index number would be very similar in value to one of the worlds most recognized indices, the S&P 500. If both markets coincided with these great health positions it will help facilitate a very natural transition and understanding for many institutional investors to gain a perspective on the top invest able positions in the Cryptocurrency market. The team also went to the extent to develop this Index in the like of all institutional indices format, further more to help bridge both financial sectors.

The Crypto Currency 100 Index will be listed on the front of the home page and through out the website for investors. The index will also soon have its own URL,, built out with methodology explination and greater detailed, analytics, charts, and logs. There will also be a plugin and RSS feed available soon for anybody wanting to syndicate and provide the C.C. 100 Index further through out the community.

Excited for this launch the team was happy to finally spread the word to the Cryptocurrency investment community.  Also aware of the possibility that there may be other Indices to launch in the future, the CEO of the Coin Connecter Group Inc. said “We are confident that this Crypto Currency 100 Index gives the best health indication of the top invest able position coins in the market. There fore we are certain that it will be a comfortably adopted and extremely referenced Index.”

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