Crypterium ICO, The JP Morgan of Crypto Banks

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Billed as the JP Morgan of Cryptobanks, Crypterium ICO is a startup that promises to add even more legitimacy to cryptocurrencies. While lending platforms have become more popular lately and digital wallets can include cryptocurrencies, Crypterium promises users that they’ll be able to use their cryptocurrencies the same way they would any other kind of money. This means being able to pay with just about any cryptocurrency in 42 million stores worldwide.

Cryptobanks Will Play a Vital Role in the Future Economy

According to Crypterium:

In 8 years’ time, the crypto-economy will exceed 10 trillion dollars. Cryptobanks will become a cornerstone in the relations between decentralized economy and future daily life by expanding payment infrastructure and possibilities, creating new cryptocurrency payments scenarios and lowering interest rates. Crypterium is a cryptobank creating the future, today.

This bodes well for cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange. It’s vitally important for the future of cryptocurrencies that those who have invested in them have access to the greater market. While platforms to easily liquidate cryptocurrencies are available, having a full fledged bank and the user’s disposal is the next important step in integrating cryptocurrencies into the greater economy.

What Crypterium Aims to Provide

According to the website Crypterium aims to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts with:

  • A mobile cryptobank with loyalty programs and cash back, instant payments, and access to 42 million stores worldwide.
  • Cryptocurrency acquisitions and payment with native POS software.
  • Open API platform that allows easy third party solutions.
  • Blockchain based loans.

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