GLADIUS ICO, Tech to Prevent Network Attacks

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What is Gladius?

Gladius exists to prevent the networks that support cryptocurrencies from being attacked in various ways. It allows users to rent out their own bandwidth in order to prevent botnet instigated DDoS attacks and is itself supported by blockchain technology.

What Does Gladius Have to Offer?

Gladius is in the midst of developing a strategy to prevent DDoS attacks or simple over usage traffic of a network. It will allow users from all over the world to rent out their unused bandwidth to prevent DDoS style attacks from collapsing a network from a single point of attack. It promises to be cheaper than current SaaS networks because there will be no monthly fee, and the platform will be based on paying for what you use. The speed promises to be better too since there will be nodes accessible all over the world.

Paramount to this process, which differs from Cloud based services, is that there is no single point of failure. If one node goes down, another node picks up the slack. Services like Cloudflare have been shut down for hours due to attacks on the network. Gladius promises to do away with that.

For one offering to serve up their unused bandwidth, it presents an opportunity to earn passive income.

There is a great deal of excitement surrounding Gladius as optimistic investors hope that it can once and for all rid the world of DDoS attacks.

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