Mobarak Token Release

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Mobarak Token Released. Private Investors Are Called to Action.

NIKTL Capital launches the private placement campaign in order to provide a variety of choice for religious Muslims looking to start with wise investing. Average Muslim investors can’t waste money at a random tokens that might not be Sharia-compliant. That’s why Mobarak token has been specially designed to serve Muslims looking to build a halal portfolio.

This Sharia-compliant finance tool will mostly benefit early adopters. That is why the company decided to start a private placement amongst Muslim and non-Muslim investors as well. Mobarak makes it extremely easy to make both in-country and cross-border payments, without the need for proof of residency or a local bank account. Its secure money transfer is based on use of revolutionary mobile app.

Mobarak is the first actual possibility to improve the economic power of Muslims since Muslims developed it and non-Muslim fellows have supported the project heavily. Mobarak token is thought to follow a Sharia-compliant path to grow, adoption of specific cultural and religious regulations. Instead of aiming a global acceptance from the beginning which is very complicated and challenging for a new currency, MBK token aims to build a specific social target mass which has stronger religious, cultural, economic and commercial connections already. Once this aim is achieved the global admittance will be inevitable eventually.

The originality of the project is concentrated on the Blockchain technology that operates mutual agreements between customers and partners regardless of their respective locations. The purpose of a private placement is to develop the sophisticated system based on the convergence of crypto currencies with mobile network operator’s products.

The main objective the company is willing to develop is an innovative electronic payment system that will enable:

  • Fast cross-border mobile money transfer between countries
  • Chance to withdraw funds in local currency or airtime of the local mobile operator.

More information can be found on the website of the company.

About: NIKTL Capital Switzerland SA is focused in creation and possession of online trading platforms. The company works at implementation and communication of solutions in the field of new technologies. The main focus of activities is providing services around alternative payment methods, including the provision of opportunities to buy and sell alternative cash and advice, including through the Internet.

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