NEUFUND ICO Transparency Monitor

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Neufund’s ICO Transparency monitor is a powerful toolkit that aims to evaluate ICO’s in terms of transparency. While no one can say for sure if an ICO launch is an outright fraud, investors have come to expect that the more transparency there is involved in the process of generating funding for the project, the more likely their money is going to a good place.

Scoring Transparency

ICO’s can be rated transparent, transparent with issues, or not transparent. In order to score as any, a series of qualifications must be passed. While the blockchain technology and distributed ledger of Ethereum and Bitcoin have been held up as shining examples of trustless systems, the technology must implemented in such a way that it’s transparent. In other words, in order to build a trust machine, you can’t have people relying on your good intentions.

But not all blockchains and distributed ledgers are created equally, so Neufund’s aim was to streamline the process of making such judgments on the transparency of individual ICO’s and create a better investment environment going forward.

According to their blog:

So far, a deep literacy of crypto-economic details has been necessary to assess the fundamentals of ICOs, or to compare results between different projects. This has turned the professional scanning of the many emerging ICOs into a truly daunting task — or into a situation, in which one would still have to invest interpersonal trust. Additionally, the sheer number of ICOs announced on a day-to-day basis has made it ever more challenging to stay continuously well-informed on recent developments in the space.

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