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Protos Cryptocurrency Asset Management is currently raising funds via an ICO for data driven hedge fund that will investly in cryptocurrencies and tokens only. Led by Matthew Shaw, Phillipp Kallerhoff, and Thomas Kineshanko, Protos brings a team of investment gurus and tech entrepreneurs together to apply institutional asset management to digital token investing. The strategy is informed by capturing and analyzing crypto market data.

The ICO token is expected to accrue value based on the investment acumen and returns that Protos earns using its big data analysis software and investment brilliance.

Says Philipp Kallerhoff, co-founder of Protos:

“We are unlocking the second major investing wave in cryptocurrency and once data on the market exists, we anticipate seeing an explosion in trading strategies similar to that experienced in stock trading. We are driving this second wave with the goal of benefiting our token holders through our crypto trading strategies.”

Protos plans on investing in cyrptocurrencies and ICO’s that its team believes will have a foundational impact on the future economy. The ICO has been open to the public since October 17, 2017.

Protos ICO Intends on Being Tradable

What makes this venture so alluring is that the payoff is the token itself. While it’s subject to many of the US regulations for non-accredited investors, it also has the potential to payoff huge. It will provide liquidity once it is traded on exchanges. Protos ICO is yet another indication that cryptocurrencies are no longer relegated to dark web transactions. They’ve hit the mainstream, and investors everywhere are flocking to the fold.

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