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Salt Lending ICO produces and ERC20 token that currently lists at about $3.04. Members of SALT Lending can apply for cash loans by using their assets in cryptocurrency as collateral. In order to participate in the loan program, members need to obtain SALT tokens. The more SALT tokens a user spends, the larger the loan they are able to apply for. Because of the way the cryptocurrency works, SALT us

Details of the Uyuni Salt Flat in southern Bolivia

ers can easily liquidate their holdings without actually selling them.

SALT Loans are Based Entirely on Collateral

On of the best things about SALT’s lending program is that your credit history is completely irrelevant. Regardless of a bad credit history, a user’s potential loan value is worth the same based entirely on thei

r holdings.

SALT ICO’s Determine Your Level of Access

Level of access to SALT member services is determined by how much you hold in SALT’s ICO’s. The tokens can also be redeemed for services and products, and there are rewards that are offered exclusively through the platform.

How Does SALT Lending Work?

  1. A Lender posts a basic contract for a loan detailing the terms at which they’re willing to lend.
  2. A member selects a contract that best fits their needs.
  3. Lenders commit cash to the loan.
  4. Member posts blockchain assets into a multi-signature smart contract.
  5. The member’s receives the funds.
  6. The blockchain assets are secured by the lenders into a kind of escrow.
  7. The member makes monthly payments on the loan.
  8. When the loan is repaid in full, the borrower’s assets are returned.

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