SPICE VC ICO, Liquitity of Assets

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Spice VC was created by a venture capital firm that wanted to solve the issue of liquidity of assets when investing. Spice VC ICO is tradable token that is also an initial coin offering. Tal Elyashiv, the cofounder and managing partner at Spice VC says this of Spice VC:

“We believe the 7 to 10 years of illiquidity is the biggest limitation of VC funds and solving that has a wide effect on the economics of the industry. Until now, the privilege of investing in tech was reserved for very few. The new model makes the VC model available and attractive to three huge new investor groups. First, the major institutional investors, which in Europe allocate much less to the VC asset class than in the U.S. Second, thousands of smaller accredited investors which until now could only invest in tech as angels or in crowdfunding sites without any liquidity, and last, a new class of crypto investors looking to diversify into general tech.”

Spice VC Can Revolutionize Investing

Spice VC is the only ICO that acts as both a security and a tradable token, which uses the Ethereum blockchain as a host. It has the unique characteristic of being both asset backed and liquid. On the other hand, since Spice VC is itself a Venture Capital firm, it has taken great pains to ensure it’s compliance with the regulations of every country. As such, they only appear to accept a limited number of accredited investors, and do not accept non-accredited investors, which will be a turn off for some.

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