STOW IT Is The Peer to Peer Blockchain AirBnb for Storage

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What is STOW IT?

STOW IT is a peer-to-peer storage marketplace. We help individuals that have spaces such as garages, land, and barns, rent their spaces to individuals that need storage for items like cars, boats, RVs, and anything on wheels. We think of ourselves like Airbnb, but for storage.

We are currently based in Fort Collins, Colorado and mainly operate throughout the Front Range of Colorado, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Fort Collins. We have over 1,000 users, have had hundreds of successful rentals, and have about 1,000 spaces available. We’re growing rapidly with large expansion plans to open more markets in the second half of 2018.

What is the STOW IT Token?

The STOW IT Token (STOW) will be our utility token that we will integrate within the existing STOW IT platform. We will further integrate blockchain technology to bring more trust and transparency to the storage and rental process.

What makes your project unique?

STOW IT is an existing platform with thousands of users. The STOW token will have nearly immediate utility. We are currently in the presale portion of our initial coin offering. We will have the STOW tokens integrated with the ability to be used before our crowdsale even starts. We have not seen this yet from a company doing an initial coin offering.

Our initial utility for Hosts will be in the form of rewards. We will reward hosts for completing milestones such as 1 renter, 5 renters, 20 renters, and more. The other

The initial Renter’s utility will be the ability to place a one-month deposit in the form of STOW IT Tokens to have a reduced rental fee. It will be like giving the renters a free month if they rent for 6 months.



Where can I find more information? and

You can also read our whitepaper at

STOW IT Token website


STOW IT website