Stratis (STRAT) Market Potential and Utility Adoption

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Every day there are new cryptocurrencies and blockchain solutions being pushed on the investment market. While we can all agree that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are exciting new developments that will change the digital landscape forever, deciding on the most effective types of each technology are not so easy.

A lot of money is being invested in all the different types of technology, but will they all remain viable in the long run? Probably not. Only the products that offer something different will succeed, and only the most learned investor will make a profit.

Stratis is a BaaS Platform

One of the more exciting blockchain products vying for mass adoption is Stratis (STRAT). Coinsutra gives us an accurate overview of what this product offers business clients.

“Stratis is a blockchain-based platform which simplifies development, testing, and deployment of C# applications on the dot NET framework. Stratis will act like a blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform for corporations and institutions. It will help these businesses to implement blockchain technology for various use cases across industries very quickly. The vision of the Stratis platform is to become a one-stop shop for all blockchain things, mostly becoming a blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform.”

Like all blockchain systems, Stratis makes use of a native token in all transactions – in this case, STRAT is the name given to the token through which the entire system operates.

Measuring Market Growth

Stratis began to see market growth in 2016 with an ICO offering to fund its development. It was initially able to raise 916 bitcoins worth of investment, which in turned triggered the release of 98 million STRAT tokens into use.

It has since been traded on the market.  Current coin price is $17.90, a relatively stable position given its 30-day peak at $22.77 on January 7th and low of $9.60 on December 12th.

Looked at over the span of 90 days, Stratis has done tremendously well. It was listed at $3.01 on October 14th and has been on a steady rise over since.

Market Cap

Current market cap is listed at $41,365,400. With a circulation supply of 98.7 million coins and control of only 02% of market share, it is clear that adoption has been relatively slow considering its coin price growth.

Global Adoption

Stratis is gunning to be the leading platform for all corporations looking to adopt blockchain. As blockchain technology expands, so will Stratis, goes the investment logic.

Just recently, at the Blockchain Expo North America, Stratis initiated a Test ICO of their platform to users.  It is an essential step in the process of gradually bringing their product to all major corporations in the world. As the flagship BaaS (blockchain-as-service) platform on the market, we expect the stock price to more than double in the year.

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