Will Stablecoins Replace FIAT?

Can Stablecoins Replace FIAT?   Nowadays there is a lot of noise around the cryptocurrency market. Some experts think that this digital asset will replace traditional currency. While others [...]


Digital Asset as an Upgrade of Crypto Currency

Digital Asset as an Upgrade of Crypto Currency From the moment of their emergence, crypto currencies have received mixed feedback. When describing this phenomenon, representatives of the [...]


5 Tips for Successful Part-Time Cryptocurrency Trading

5 Tips for Successful Part-Time Cryptocurrency Trading Trading in Cryptocurrency is a new trend trending at a phenomenal rate. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency is motivating people to [...]


0X ZRX On The Move and Launching to Coinbase Pro

Coinbase has announced the listing of the first Ethereum platform based token 0X ZRX. As of 10am PT on Thursday, October 11, Coinbase started accepting deposits for ZRX on Coinbase Pro! Coinbase [...]


New Coinbase Tools Target Institutional Investors

Popular Cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is aiming to attract $10 billion of institutional investment in Cryptocurrency, with the launch of four tools aimed at this demographic. Institutional [...]


BITBON and Projects Capable of Becoming the New Bitcoin

Projects Capable of Becoming the New Bitcoin Innovative technologies have always faced misunderstanding and, therefore, resistance from society. This happened to gold at the time when people [...]

AirBit Club Creating The Largest Crypto Community In The World

AirBit Club is working on the creation of a “transparent” block platform. On October 22nd, a great event was held in Panama City, in honor of the third anniversary of the largest [...]


How to Invest In Altcoins

Read on for a beginner’s guide to deciding whether investing cryptocurrency is right for you, which altcoins you should choose to invest in and how to get started investing with [...]


The Growing Acceptance Of Bitcoin

The value of Bitcoin is widely based on the belief that it will become a secure store of value and a currency that is accepted and traded frequently around the globe. There are many reasons why [...]


Bytecoin On The Rise

Bytecoin was one of the first anonymous coins out there. It was created in 2012, and successfully forked into Bytecoin and Dash in 2014. Most of the team are based in India.   The amount of money [...]

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