Technology of wastes transforming into pure gold invented by Angenium

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Angenium project team invented revolutionary technology of chemical waste processing for extracting gold and other noble or rare metals of the highest purity.

Angenium project team invented the way of processing of industrial wastes (ash and slag; pyritic) that enables getting pure gold, silver and other noble or rare metals. The purity of metals reaches 99.9%. The technology intends chemical processing that has no analogues in the world (existing techniques use physical or mechanical processing).

Gold deposits are located in areas with unfavorable climatic conditions and the process of extracting is rather complicated therefore market prices are rather high – about 40-42 dollars per gram. New technology enables encashing gold by 38.75 dollars per gram. Moreover other noble and rare metals may be also offered by prices that are lower than market ones.

Ash and slag wastes and pyritic cinders are among the main polluters of the environment therefore invented technology is important from the ecological point of view. 500 thousand tons of wastes are planned to be processed yearly.

The project is intended to be started in Russia with total volume of pyrite cinders over 30 million tons and yearly production of ash and slag wastes over 25 million tons but this technology may be easily applied in other inhabited continents. 

Investors are welcomed to partake Angenium and get huge profits (from 67 to 100% depending on the selected way of joining the team).


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