The WAVES Platform And How It Could Change Crowdfunding As We Know It

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An initial coin offering (ICO) has become an extremely popular way of crowdfunding the capital needed to create a new cryptocurrency.

Roughly $3 billion was invested in ICOs in 2017, and as the rate of new cryptocurrencies being produced continues to increase, it’s likely this figure could grow this year.

WAVES is blockchain technology that could make creating your own ICO extremely simple.

The process is far simpler than the Ethereum platform. The functionality exists within its core wallet. Within a couple of clicks, its ‘Token Creation’ tool will allow you to give your token, a name, and a description. You’ll also select a price and a maximum amount of tokens that can be released.

This process costs one WAVES coin. The value of this coin has rocketed to $5.25, up from $0.25 in February 2018, which demonstrates the growing popularity of the platform.

Why create tokens on the blockchain?

More than 4,500 tokens have been created on the Waves platform since it was created in 2016. Blockchain tokens are the simplest way to raise the capital for a new cryptocurrency, as smart contract technology takes care of everything. The token is sent to buyers’ wallets as soon as they transfer the payment to its creator. Some of the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Ripple, where created via an ICO and it’s likely that many more important digital currencies will be launched using the WAVES platform.

Still, there’s nothing stopping WAVES users from getting even more creative with their tokens. These tokens could be used to create product discounts, loyalty programs, or even voting systems.

Is now a good time to invest in WAVES?

WAVES can be traded on the blockchain, just like any cryptocurrency. The platform also allows you to store funds away from a centralized exchange.

The potential for WAVES is demonstrable, and the platform is also widely recognized as the fastest decentralized platform in the world, setting the example for other cryptocurrencies to follow.

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