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WesternCoin ICO is a new kind of lending platform that is a direct competitor with hextracoin ICO. They are already displaying sales of over 3.1 million coins. According to the website, they are offering loans with interest rates as high as 45%, but there’s a staking option that says that you can get interest rates as low as 7%. The site says that it works similar to how other lending platforms such as bitconnect work.

What is WesternCoin ICO?

WesternCoin ICO is built around lending platform. The content on their site still seems to be in the early stages of development, and they’re looking to gain funds for future development.

Unlike bitconnect, WesternCoin is based on their lending program whereas bitconnect developed their lending program around other services that they offered.

They are currently looking for new investors, but by October, they plan on having a fully functioning exchange and lending platform set up. By December they hope to be listed on major exchanges, and have fully functioning digital wallets, and by January they plan on partnering with a merchant to offer a number of goods via their platform.

Western Coin has a Clear Roadmap

WesternCoin has a clear roadmap to success, and that should be enough to encourage investment in their ICO. It is currently backed by Bitcoin, and for interested investors, it will take a deposit of Bitcoin in order to invest in WesterCoin ICO. If WesternCoin stays true to their roadmap, it could pay off for investors.

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