Verge Coin and eCommerce Privacy Payment Adoption

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“Verge is a secure and anonymous cryptocurrency, built with a focus on privacy.”

As their mission statement goes on to describe, the developers behind Verge are devoted to making Blockchain transactions a part of everyone’s daily life. Businesses can use the platform to manage all of their financial concerns: from ordering more products to accepting payment from customers. Likewise, customers can use the platform to make all of their transactions as well. All from a central source and without concern for privacy breaches. They offer anonymity and an active development team ready to help with large or small scale adoption concerns. A quick glance at the Verge website gives a clear picture of their purpose.

Verge is in direct competition with many other heavy-hitters. As this competitor comparison chart illustrates, Verge is up against Bitcoin, Monero, PIVX, and NAV in capturing market share. The chart does show where Verge has some advantages over Bitcoin – namely in the transaction speed and mobile privacy.

Coin Price

Much like Cardano, Verge remains a very cheap investment given its market cap and potential for growth. A recent surge hit an all-time high of USD $0.25 on December 23rd, 2017. Today, the coin price has held steady around $0.07 per coin with incredible volume.

Market Cap

Verge market cap exploded to over $3.7 billion on December 23rd, 2017, but most speculators agree that this was indicative of a surprising surge in the market rather than a realistic estimation of the size or potential of the company. Current market cap valuation sits at $1.1 billion, making it one of the more promising cryptos on the market today.

Global Utility

As Alexander Leilacher points out, the success of Verge depends on two simple questions. The first is this: do you believe that crypto users will want to protect their transactions by using anonymous coins? If you do, then Verge is possibly worth investing in.

The second question is: do you think that the Verge development team will produce the innovative software improvements needed to make anonymous coin trading for everyone a possibility? In this regard, the team at Verge have been hard at work offering upgrades to ensure their privacy compliance is just as effective as Monero and other competitors.

WRAITH Upgrade

One of these upgrades is the Wraith Protocol.  The Wraith Protocol is a technology upgrade that allows users to shift seamlessly between public and private ledgers within their Verge account.

This is a groundbreaking technological shift because up until now such user-friendly features have not been offered with crypto trading. Users can turn the Wraith upgrade ON if they want to keep their transactions private. Conversely, turning OFF the function means all transactions are shared publicly. This type of consumer-oriented innovation is what will set Verge apart from its competitors.

Verge Announcements and Partnerships

This week Verge announced its partnership with Mind Geek who own and run .  This is a very exciting step for privacy coin integration with in eCommerce platforms and businesses.

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