Viva Network to Launch Disruptive Mortgage Financing Technology

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Hamilton, Bermuda, April 1, 2018–Viva Network Holdings Limited (“Viva Network” or “Viva”), a Bermuda-based fintech startup, has today announced its plan to launch a comprehensive
borderless mortgage products platform. The centerpiece of the platform is Viva’s smart-contract enabled Fractionalized Mortgage Shares (“FMS”) innovation, which allows for fixed-income
investors around the world to crowdfund mortgages across international borders. This technology has the capability to massively disrupt and improve upon the long-standing,
“traditional” mortgage industry, offering a decentralized evolution of the current mortgage-backed security on a global scale.Viva’s goal is to free millions of borrowers located in regions with high interest rates from theirreliance on inefficient local financial systems.

The crowd lending transactions are conducted
utilizing the newly released “VIVA​” token, a blockchain-powered transfer vehicle, while the
ultimate delivery of loans and mortgage repayments will be made in each party’s local fiat
currency. Neither the borrower or the lender will require any knowledge of blockchain
technology; they will need only use Viva Networks intuitive web platform. Importantly, neither
party will be exposed to cryptocurrency fluctuation risk.
Viva’s technology will equally benefit those on the other side of the mortgage equation: the
lenders. For the first time, smaller, individual investors will have access to the attractive and
consistent returns that asset-backed mortgage investment vehicles provide. Lenders will be
able to participate in the initial funding of a mortgage as well as the purchase or sale of FMS on
Viva’s FMS Exchange, a secondary market for FMS. In either case, lenders will be able to
search by criteria for FMS that fit the needs of their portfolios.
Viva’s platform will also provide related services such as blockchain-based home valuations via its RV2 valuation product and decentralized credit assessments with its V-Score product.
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